Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier


My partner wanted to buy me the perfect gift so sent me to Mondial by Nadia Neuman to choose whatever ring I wanted. This was my first piece of 'serious' jewellery and I was excited but a little anxious. I wanted to be sure that I'd make the right choice and continue to love the ring for years to come. I needn't have worried. From the moment I entered the adorable shop in The Strand Arcade Nadia put me at complete ease. We talked through the options and Nadia guided me through the selection process - her professionalism and friendliness ensured I was totally relaxed, not rushed in any way, and at the end I was delighted with my selection. I highly recommend you visit Nadia for your next jewellery purchase!

- Stuart and Trevor

As a guy that had no idea, and was gently and confidently guided by a warm and friendly Nadia, to an outcome of purchasing two items of beauty of which will glisten to the eternal sound of love every time we hold hands

- Gavin and Katelyn

Choosing to marry and determining that you have found the one that you have looked for all of your life demands an engagement ring that does more than glitters and shines. One that is not simply a product of its size and cost. Having found the love of your life then a journey is required to match that love with the ring that will symbolise your life and time together. To take that journey you need a guide. Perhaps a magical guide, that has passion and empathy and love in their life. A guide that gets excited and enthused by shape, form and beauty and the essence of love and life. A guide who will listen and translate your love and emotion into a lasting form and breathe life into the ring you choose and partner with it a diamond that tells a story that narrates the love for your partner now but will keep on telling a story as you grow old together. Nadia and her team at Mondial are your perfect guides. Trust in them, let them guide you as you embark on the most wonderful moment in your life. I did and am the richer for it.

- Tim and Nicky

Nadia Neuman and Mondial are quite simply in a league of their own. I had figured most jewellers were the same. It's all gems and metal - how different can it be? I was very, very, very wrong. Nadia and Mondial don't just "do jewelry", they capture an occasion and create a piece of art that lasts a lifetime. When my wife and I look at our wedding rings we are reminded not only of the vows we've made but of the people we are. Nadia Neuman and Mondial create gifts that give back every single day

- Bryce and Donna

My partner and I looked far and wide to find our perfect rings. We checked online, both overseas and in Australia and we walked into countless jewellery shops looking for rings that would reflect our personal styles. We were willing to take our time to find a jeweller and we weren't willing to compromise on design and craftsmanship.

We loved Nadia's rings as soon as we saw them in the window at the Strand Arcade. Her designs were original and eye catching. Nadia was very warm and supportive and it was clear that her main objective was to make us happy. It took a while for us to work out a how to make our dream rings fit our budget but Nadia patiently educated us and went to great lengths to make sure we got exactly what we wanted

- Tania and Susan

If we had imagined our perfect ring designer into existence it would be Nadia. She combines vision, talent and professionalism with warmth and understanding. As a same-sex couple having someone who understood our relationship and the importance of our commitment to one another made for the perfect experience. From the initial stage of designing the engagement rings, her advice about how to carry the ring overseas without Natalie noticing so I could propose, to designing the wedding rings and sharing our plans for our Canadian wedding, Nadia was an integral part of our journey.

- Natalie and Amanda

Nadia was awesome. She asked all the right questions to make sure she knew exactly what we wanted, was patient with how particular we were, offered useful advice and was committed to using quality materials and craftsmanship. She was also really lovely. We couldn’t be happier with our rings and would definitely recommend Nadia to anyone looking at having custom rings made for their wedding or commitment ceremony

- Cherie and Jules

I had a wonderful shopping experience at Mondial by Nadia Neuman. Nadia is a designer who can read what is the best design for the customer. She puts the customer's needs before profit and is a very friendly & genuine person. I am very happy with her service.

- Gem Chee